Community Development

The Metamorphic Transformation Program is focussed first and foremost on developing people, not projects.

We have a firm belief that if people are developed and empowered to reach their full potential, they will create effective projects within their own communities. As such, we train and equip local people to utilise the assets that already exist around them, and assist them to see opportunities that have not yet been realised. The Metamorphic team work closely with community leaders to create inclusivity and ownership. This equips otherwise powerless people to drive local initiatives that bring permanent transformation within their communities.

Our Results

As of December 2016
Peoples Lives Transformed


Wells (Concrete & Pump)


Filters (Claypot & BSF)


Latrines dug in Communities


Solar Kits Distributed

4 Water

Creating sustainable water projects across nations.

It is staggering to think that up to a third of the world’s population lacks access to adequate clean water and sanitation facilities, particularly when we know that lack of clean water and sanitation accounts for more than 70% of illness in under-developed nations. Water 4 Water is Metamorphic’s innovative response to this crisis. Our Water 4 Water initiatives partner with community leaders across the globe, assisting them to mobilise their communities and their communities’ resources to solve issues of clean water, hygiene and sanitation.


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Metamorphic is committed to seeing people’s lives transformed, we want to see the lid lifted off people’s lives so that they can have the opportunity to reach their potential. We work with communities around the world to help them meet their most pressing needs. Currently, we are focusing on clean water and sanitation programs in schools via our unique S-WASH-E program and clean and sustainable electricity for vulnerable rural families through our solar power co-investment program.


Throughout the developing world there is an energy access crisis where millions of people, particularly those living in rural regions do not have sufficient, affordable and sustainable access to electricity for even the most basic of functions such as lighting or charging a phone.

Portable Solar Kits

Brining Power to family homes.

Metamorphic’s light up a house initiative helps rural families to sustainably mobilise their own resources to gain access to solar energy that allows each household to:
• Light up to 3 rooms
• Stay connected by charging mobile devices and listening to radio
• Save money
• Significantly reduce or even eliminate the need to burn toxic fuels such as kerosene inside the house
Just $99 AUD does all of this for an entire family.


Imagine a school with 450 children who have no access to clean water or latrines. Unfortunately, in places such as Cambodia and Uganda, this is an all too common scenario. It is this precise issue that Metamorphic in partnership with these vulnerable rural schools is addressing with its Schools Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education Project (S-WASH-E).


S-WASH-E mobilises donor funds along with community resources including:
• Students
• Teachers
• Parents
• Leaders

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